The Panorama Design sliding system with maximum flexibility

The Schüco ASE 51 PD Panorama Design sliding system combines the search for comfort of use and design with maximum simplicity of construction and installation.The minimalist and panoramic design is underlined by the very slim profiles. The exceptional central upright, with only 32 mm of visible thickness, guarantees excellent visual continuity between inside and outside, transparency and brightness.The flat “0 Level” threshold guarantees ease of access and the perimeter frame can be completely integrated within the walls of the building.The new Schüco handle allows the door to be unlocked with a rotation reduced to just 20°: this allows you to follow the natural ergonomics of the hand and wrist, for an intuitive and light movement. Lightness and fluidity of movement are also achieved thanks to the use of a new trolley system: noise and vibrations are practically eliminated. The complete range of this panoramic system, including 3 rails and corner closure, makes it possible to create large sliding glass doors (with sash size up to 2900 x 2750 mm and weight up to 400 kg) and with maximum transparency .

Benefits Of System

  • The flat “0 Level” threshold, with integrated water drainage system, allows for excellent rainwater outflow quickly and easily
  • The glazing technique of the Schüco ASE 51 PD system allows you to speed up the construction of the door: no sealants or adhesive tape are required, thanks to the new glass seal along the entire perimeter
  • The new system of height-adjustable trolleys allows you to compensate for differences in height between the floor and the ceiling. The easy and precise adjustment can also be carried out after installation, without removing the door
  • The different articles, in the various construction typologies that can be created, have been unified and standardized to streamline the entire management of the order, from the order to the construction and installation
  • The processing instructions have also been reduced and simplified, for more effective and faster consultation in the workshop