Bermondsey, London

A bit about the project

This new build house, adjacent to the Thames, replaces an existing dwelling that has long since been dwarfed by the development either side. The projects aim to provide views to the river whilst working within the difficult constraints of the site in terms of privacy and overlooking. The form of the house mediates between the adjacent building sites, and also provides a south facing inclined roof on to which solar renewable technologies are integrated. To make this integration visually seamless, the photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels are recessed into the skin of the building to achieve a seamless finish with the fibre cement cladding of the roof and walls. The facade is clad in fibre cement panels, which flush with the rooflights and glazing. Bricks harvested from the deconstruction of the original structure which sat on the site, are incorporated in to the base of the building. The site is surrounded by some of London’s most iconic landmarks – Tower Bridge, the Shard, the river Thames and Canary Wharf. At the outset of the project, in order to design the building in response to these views, A-Zero hired a cherry picker to conduct an aerial survey of the airspace. This informed the massing of the building and placement of window in response to these views.

Architecture - A-Zero Architects

Main Contractor – Blero Construction Ltd / BBC Construction / Cantifix for the rooflights


Bermondsey, London

Client Testimonial

Timeless Comfort, Enduring Memories: A Homeowner’s Tale of Tradition and Tranquility

Why Aumaxum

Aumaxum have worked with Giles and A-Zero for a number of years and our collaboration is always very effortless. We understand Giles and his standards very well. The vision for this project in particular was bringing various different suppliers and their strengths together to achieve this envelope. The seamless junctions between the external face, the windows, cladding, roof-lights were key to achieve this. The installation schedule was also tough as our windows were critical to install and then the external cladding was completed to suit the position agreed. It was challenging to work with 2 different contractors during the project timeline but we finally completed this in 2023. This particular project faced delays due to onset of Covid 19 and challenges with the completion

Trust in Aumaxum

Aumaxum were responsible for specifying the correct systems and agreeing with these with A-Zero. The project was of course budget conscious however, there was to be no compromise on the U Value performance of each individual item. We proposed all SI and HI systems to ensure this home will stand the test of the predicable changes in building regulations. All the windows and doors were surveyed, designed, fabricated and installed by Aumaxum as and when the envelope of the building developed.

The outcome

The facade is designed according to the proportion of the roof integrated photovoltaic panels. The orientation and tilt of the roof is optimal for the integration of renewable, but problematic in terms of summer solar gain. The solution of internally mounted louvres is a simple, but effective one. Using the Schueco HI and SI systems ensured a thermally efficient home yet keeping in line with this modern style home. You can see this projects case study in detail on A-Zero’s website and Instagram.